Your Silhouette order will include 2 silhouettes, one facing right and one facing left, each mounted on a 5x7 mat.  Complete your order with oval frames that complement our silhouettes.

A great silhouette will require a very specific photo reference.  Click HERE for photo guidelines

We can cut up to 3 people in the same silhouette.  Just click ADD SUBJECT for each person you want in the same silhouette.  If you want individual silhouettes of mulitple people, just create a new order for each person.

 Silhouettes can take up to two weeks to cut and ship.  If your order is time sensitive, contact us.  Expedited processing and shipping is available.

Subject 1

A Right-Facing Full Side View against a plain background photo is required. The subject's mouth should be closed for best results.

Matting and Framing Options